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4 Good Reasons Why Sydney is for Families


The toughest part about a family vacation to Sydney, Australia is without a doubt the air travel. If you and your kids manage to survive the lengthy flight or flights, you have a ton of great, family-friendly activities to choose from. Here are some of the many kid friendly activities you can enjoy in Sydney. Start planning your trip today.

1) Taronga zoo – This zoo is fun to visit no matter what your age. Spend your afternoon looking at exotic and rare animals in a beautiful and respectful environment. All the money you spend there goes towards the benefit of animals, so make a day of it. If your kids are 10 or older you can also sign up for their Wild Ropes course and get to see the zoo from the treetops.

2) National Maritime Museum – This museum is a fun way for your family to get to know more about the history of the harbor in Sydney. But don’t be concerned, this isn’t a dry and boring old transport museum, this museum is up to date and hands on. Your kids can enjoy plays, try out different pieces of equipment and learn a bit in the process. Many of the exhibits aim to be of interest to children, such as one regarding children sent from Britain to Australia when their parents could not afford to care for them.

3) Museum of Contemporary Art – This may not seem like the most kid friendly place, but this modern art museum caters to kids of all ages. With tours aimed at capturing the interest of the under one set, to hands on family fun days most Sundays, check out their website to find out when the most appropriate activities for your kids are taking place. This is a great way to share modern Australian art with your entire family.

4) Australian Museum – This museum is great for its Scientist for a day programing geared at kids between the ages of 8 and 12. While these programs are not inexpensive, they are a great way for your child to spend an entire day (from 9-3) while you explore the rest of the museum. The programs change weekly and are based on ongoing exhibits. If you don’t have the time for such an advanced type of program, you can always try one of the daily programs, currently there is an Aztec Adventures program on that ties in with a current Aztec exhibit. Kids between the ages of 3 and 12 can try out various arts and crafts related to the exhibit.