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Family Vacations in Switzerland


Switzerland is a great place to get away with the family year round. In the winter, its ski resorts offer fun family vacation packages with skiing challenges for skiers of all levels. In the summer, enjoy train trips through beautiful mountain scenery and explore adorable and beautiful cities. Switzerland is a very tourist friendly place where many people can communicate well in multiple languages, helping tourists feel at home. Here are some tips for a family trip:

1) Ski paradise – There are so many beautiful areas to choose from, but one of my favorites is Saas Fee (pictured). Here there are incredible peaks and breathtaking views. When booking a resort, ask about what types of activities are family friendly. Some resorts, like the Esprit Chalet, are more family friendly, offering a variety of activities that cater to younger children. Other resorts prefer to maintain a romantic couple atmosphere. While you are there you can explore the area, testing out local cafes, taking rides up the mountain just to sightsee, and relax for the after ski over a cup of hot chocolate or something a bit stronger. The village of Saas Fee organizes child friendly activities year round, and many of them are aimed at tourists. Ask at the local tourist bureau for information about daily activities.

2) Rhine Falls – If the weather is a little warmer, take the kids out to explore Europe’s largest waterfall, Rhine Falls. You can sign up for a boat ride that well get you pretty close to the falls, so make sure to wear your rain poncho. This can be a fun adventure for younger kids, but even older kids should appreciate the view. Make an afternoon of exploring and wandering through the area.

3) Frick Dinosaur Museum – If you have a kid that loves dinosaurs, you should definitely stop at the Frick Dinosaur museum. While it isn’t quite the Natural History Museum in New York, it does offer a fun way to see Switzerland’s dinosaur collection, and have your kid watch for dinosaurs during the drive. There is a bunch along the way.

4) Chocolate – Switzerland is known for its amazing chocolate, and kids of all ages should appreciate a trip to some of its more well-known chocolate factories. There is the Cailler Broc factory in Fribourg, or visit Chocolateland, or the Alprose Chocolate Museum in Lagano. Some chocolate tours do have age limits, so you might want to call ahead if bringing very small children to make sure they are welcome. Make sure to bring back tastes for your friends and family!