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Nightlife in Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is a huge city and Japan nightlife has something for almost everyone, which can be overwhelming and make it difficult to find your way. But don’t let that stop you! Find a few places you think will meet your tastes and explore, have fun and don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path, the worst thing that may happen is that you get shut out of a few places, but don’t let them stop you (Some places are not so welcoming of people that don’t speak the language or dress appropriately). Here are some places you can check out in Tokyo!

Roppongi – This is a really fun section of Tokyo to check out after the sun goes down. Go on a bar crawl, or just hang out at a dance club. Check out Agave, a great bar to try out tequila. Wall Street is a pretty hardcore dance club with multiple floors, if you like to dance. Or check out Grace if you ware looking for something a bit more upscale. Roppongi does not have the best reputation, so many will warn that you need to be on your toes for scammers.

Shibuya – This district is a little trendier than Roppongi and its nightlife has a slightly different tone; if you are not just looking for a wild party, you may want to check out Shibuya. If you are feeling brave and are there with your partner, you can even check out the Love Hotels! If you are looking for dancing, Club Womb offers a pretty hardcore sound experience, but the drinks can get pricy. If you are looking for a bar, check out Goodbeer Faucets where you can sample some of Japan’s local brews.

Karaoke – Your experience of Japanese nightlife wouldn’t be complete without giving a Karaoke bar a try. Ideally you should visit with a group of people, but even if you are just two, don’t miss this experience. Most Karaoke clubs offer private rooms for guests, so don’t worry about humiliating yourself in front of large crowds. But do remember that if you go with Japanese friends, they do take Karaoke rather seriously. It is NOT a joke. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun serenading your friends with silly songs or having one too many, but it means that you should really try to sing – and yes, everyone is expected to sing! There are endless numbers of karaoke clubs throughout Tokyo, so you won’t have trouble booking a room.