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Norway for an Adventurous Family


If your family has enjoyed watching the Disney movie Frozen, chances are your kids will be eager to take a family trip to Norway. Even better, they should be interested in seeing some of the historical sights featured in the movie. There are a lot of things you can do with either a family group tour, or all on your own, so that you and your kids can enjoy an escape to Norway and you can, too. Here are some of my recommendations:

Disney Tour – If you are not restricted by budget and you like traveling with a group, a Disney tour of Norway can be a great way to make sure the family enjoys the trip. Their special Norway Frozen trip will take you to all of the main sites from the movie and will give you some background about the places. You will take in some of the remarkable sights that Norway has to offer and have a time to enjoy some of the big cities as well.

Camping in Norway – This was how my family explored Norway when I was young and it was an unforgettable experience. Don’t worry, you don’t have to brave a tent in Norway, you can rent little cottages equipped with beds and in some cases bathrooms (otherwise there are shared facilities). These cottages tend to be clean and well cared for (and you are expected to clean it before you leave or pay an extra fee). The bonus with the cottages is that they are not as expensive as hotel rooms, can house several people comfortably, and you can prepare your own food so you don’t have to eat out at expensive Norwegian restaurants every night – a real win for families.

See the Fjords – Even if your kids may not be enthralled by the views, especially when they are ALL majestic, they may like the various forms of transport. You can enjoy the beautiful fjords of Norway from a train, a boat and even from the air. Depending on how old your kids are, you can plan to explore them from one or all of the different levels. This is a great way to do sightseeing and keep the kids entertained. Many of the trains along the fjords are old fashioned, so they will even entertain younger kids.

Skiing – If you are planning a trip in the colder months, Norway is a great place to go skiing. Even if you are going in the middle of summer you can visit one of Norway’s majestic glaciers and hit the slopes there as well. Norway is used to kid skiers and has a lot of facilities aimed towards them, so feel free to bring them along!