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Dude’s main motivation to travel the world is pizza


Pizza is an all-around amazing food. It’s delicious, filling, convenient and affordable. But how can one take a pizza obsession to the next level?

For Phil Duncan, a Liverpool, England, native and a Seattle, Washington, resident, it’s by traveling the world to try as many pizza slices as possible.

“At the same time Instagram was getting big, I was traveling a lot more often on longer trips. So automatically I would upload general travel pics,” Duncan wrote to Mashable. “I noticed that my friends were liking my pizza photos a lot more than just general pics as they knew my love for pizza. So I just continued to showcase all the pizza I was eating in all the countries I have been to.”

Duncan shares photos of his worldwide pizza adventures on Instagram and honestly, it’s hard to decide what’s easier to look at, his face or the glistening pizzas.

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Pizza has been important to Duncan ever since he was child.

“I have always loved pizza. I have even eaten pizza for my Christmas dinner since I can remember. Last Christmas I was in Rio and managed to find a pizzeria which was open on Christmas day to keep my tradition alive. I was a really fussy eater growing up, so pizza was always the safest and best food to go to,” he told Mashable.

A photo posted by Phil (@phil.duncan) on

A photo posted by Phil (@phil.duncan) on

A photo posted by Phil (@phil.duncan) on

“Pizza is just a simple and cheap meal which is absolutely everywhere. When I first started spending more time in obscure countries or cities, I thought it was funny that you could always find pizza,” he said. “Everywhere has its own little spin on what they think is good pizza and the variations are what make [it] fun to try new slices.”

A photo posted by Phil (@phil.duncan) on

A photo posted by Phil (@phil.duncan) on

Duncan’s favorite slice is unsurprisingly from one of the world’s pizza capitals: New York.

“I have tried a lot of good pizza in around 30 countries over five continents I have been to. The best I have had, has to have been in New York,” he told Mashable. “I can’t put my finger on a certain place, but I have eaten a lot of good pizza in NYC so always have to say New York.The culture and place I eat atadds to the experience of eating the pizza.”

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The runner-up for best pizza goes to somewhere a little less mainstream.

“Even though the pizza at this one place probably wouldn’t have been award winning, one of my favorite pizzas I’ve had was from a tiny little shack on the Perhentian Islands, which is a tiny Malaysian Island in the middle of the China Sea,” he said.

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No matter how much Duncan loves a destination, whether or not they have good pizza is naturally a priority.

“I have a lot of time traveling around South East Asian countries and fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of the countries,” he said. “Floating down the the river in a jungle in the middle of Laos is one of my all time favourite adventures. Even though we were in the middle of nowhere, you could still buy really good pizza.”

A photo posted by Phil (@phil.duncan) on

A photo posted by Phil (@phil.duncan) on

Sharing his journey on Instagram has taught Duncan the value of being well-traveled.

“I’d always encourage people to travel as much as they can, especially when you are young. Rather than spend money at bars or on fancy cars. Use that money to see the world, as you’ll have a lot more to show for your money in five to 10 years time,” Duncan told Mashable.

“You cannot put a price on memories and experiences. I love getting messages from people who are thinking about traveling, but are a bit scared of what they don’t know,” he said. “So if anyone has any questions or wants advice on a certain place, then please get in touch as I would love to offer some guidance. Especially if you’re after pizza recommendations.”

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