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5 Travel Tips for Blog Conferences – Bloggers Get Social


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It’s that time again! This is the time of year when things start getting SUPER busy! I’m talking family vacations for the new year, blog conferences, friends in town visiting, and a bucket list of fun! While you’re planning your family vacations or heading to a blog conference (like I am this summer!), here are a few fast tips to get packed and ready in a hurry.

Travel Tips
1. Pack light and in durable bags. You’re going to want to pack light if you’re off on a weekend getaway to head to a blog conference. I’ve learned to leave my heavy shoes at home in exchange for cute flats or casual sandals. I also need luggage with lots of pockets for organization and a soft area for my laptop and cell phone.

2. Business cards and a card case. Traveling to a blog or business event? Don’t forget your business cards! If you’re in a rush, several websites offer super fast printing. You can even print your own at home (just buy the QUALITY thick paper specifically for business cards), and most people won’t even notice. 😉 I’ve done that a few times!

3. Laptop? Camera? This is a matter of personal preference. I always bring my laptop since I do work on the go, and I never leave home without my dslr…no matter how bulky it might feel. It’s just second nature to always have it just in case! I’ve also realized I wanted to take it to photograph wherever I was headed or to get great shots of the food while we were out and about. Atlantic Luggage has tons of room for my essentials, so I say pack these items!

4. Extra charger. No, really, bring an external charger. I’d also bring an extra wall charger just in case. I have this awesome external charger that can charge my phone THREE Times before it dies. It’s the best thing ever! I take it with me on long day out or on business trips. It’s a must!

5. Flats and a cardigan. It’s always freezing in conference rooms! I also prefer flats too. I went to a conference last year and all the events were on site…just really, really far away from each other. I tried wearing cute wedges one night for dinner, but I couldn’t last! 😉 I totally recommend wearing cute flats for long conference days (And nights!).

What are your conference travel tips? 

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